Haven Home Inc.

Giving to meet the need

Haven Home ~ Fairview Baptist Church, Fairview, NCThey were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven (Psalm 107:30).

Our development of Haven Home Inc. is to provide a ministry to our community.

Our mission is to provide a “safe haven” and environment in order to build the home and family.

Step 1: Pray for God’s guidance. Please pray for Fairview Baptist Church as we transition into our Haven Home ministry. The transition will make it possible to serve more families and their children. Let God guide your giving decision.

Step 2: Make a gift. You’ll find a listing of the home’s needs on this link in the near future along with dollar amounts needed. Give to the need that you feel called to support.

Haven Home ~ Fairview Baptist Church ~ Fairview, NCStep 3: Choose your giving option. You will have different options, including the ability to give online by clicking a “Donate Now” button. Donation cards will also be enclosed in our Haven Home partner letters where you may choose to give a one-time gift, quarterly or annually. Make your check payable to Haven Home Inc. Choose an option that’s convenient for you and fits your budget. Pledge now or fulfill the pledge in the next few months.

We are extremely excited about what God has in store for the future of Haven Home!